Toward Our Emergent Future

JT_at_Golden_Gate_Bridge_smThese days my adventures in learning center around how we as humans can shift our course and our consciousness to create more harmonious relationships with the biosphere and one another.

A Collective Learning Journey

We have entered a new era of humanity, a time when the continued viability of the biosphere to sustain life is no longer assumed or assured, but must be worked for. It is unknown whether our species can succeed in creating a long-term future that is biologically and socially favorable.

Time to get busy with the sacred work of transforming our world. As we go about reweaving humanity’s ways of being on the earth, this will bring much learning, connection and meaning to our lives.

In this blog I will share occasional quotes, resources, inspiration, and questions, exploring themes of personal and planetary transformation – interfaith spirituality and ministry – nature as beloved, nature as self – changing the Story – social justice – psychodynamics of social change – Hinduism – bedside singing – and more.

Evolving New Ways

Blue_Clouds_&_Sky_Marin_HeadlandsSuch a fascinating experience, this life! We have our challenges set out for us, that’s for sure. Yet I also sense that we have barely begun to comprehend the unexpected gifts and possibilities that lie in wait for us as we head step by step into our emergent future, cultivating meaningful connection and collaborating on creative breakthroughs as never before.

“In a dark time the eye begins to see,” Theodore Roethke said. Although signs of breakdown surround us, at the same time innumerable surging shoots of new growth are taking root, new ways of living and working and being are finding the light of day.

So I’ll be blogging from time to time with musings, quotes, questions, longings and visions—hints to the contours of our future-in-the-making. I invite your company along the way.