Vast as the Universe

Below are excerpts from Sayings of Swami Kripalu: Inspiring Quotes from a Contemporary Yoga Master (ed. Richard Faulds and Danna Faulds, Morris Publishing, 2004). These teachings from the heart of Hinduism reverberate

The highest spiritual practice is self-observation without judgment.

The witness is always there, if one can keep the wakeful attitude in oneself.

Do not wrestle with the fault that you want to remove. Wrestling increases the disturbance of the mind and allows the excited fault to lift you up and slam you to the ground. The best way to remove the fault is to practice its opposite virtue.

Sorrow is nothing but unripe and joy, and joy is the ripening fruit of sorrow.

Food will not digest without proper exercise. Likewise, life will not properly develop without struggle. … Only out of severe churning of the heart does a person discover the still, small voice within.

The best way to love God is to be the well-wisher of everyone.

Just as the butter cannot be seen in the milk, God, who is also not visible, exists within all beings.

Those who have seen God describe him to be as vast as the universe.

Love is my only path. I am, in fact, a pilgrim on the path of love.

To beautify this world, we must carry out experiments in love.

Each of us is a lake of love, yet strangely enough we are all thirsty for love. … The nectar in the heart of an individual is not for himself. It is for others. As we serve others this nectar, its flow into our own heart will go on increasing.

The path of love is very ancient. When I was born, I received the initiation of love. Now, with the same love, I initiate everyone else. Countless times, I have dipped into the world’s highest Scriptures, and I have received only love from them. Lord Love is everything to me.

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