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Jan Thomas is Communications Manager at The Grove Consultants International, which specializes in visually facilitated organizational development. She is also an interfaith minister and spiritual director with a primarily Skype-based practice. From 2006 – 2010 she was The Chaplaincy Institute‘s Program Director.

Jan has a Masters degree in Social Work from University of Illinois. Initially a psychiatric social worker, her focus shifted to global issues and social change. Her realms of work have included psychiatric social work, environmental education, editing, curriculum development, interfaith education, peace work, and website content management.


Jan collaborated with environmental justice pioneer Carl Anthony over a 10-year period as a developmental editor for his recently released memoirs, The Earth, the City, and the Hidden Narrative of Race.  She has a longtime fascination with the interrelationship of personal and planetary change and is wrestling with our current planetary predicament and how it informs her future ministry and calling.


A sacred song aficionado and lover of harmonies, Jan co-founded three Threshold Choirs, which sing at the bedside in small groups at life’s end. She currently co-directs a chapter of the Choir and teaches a bedside singing class at The Chaplaincy Institute.

Compilations of ancient and contemporary wisdom can be found at her website, SoulandMeaning.com.


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