What Is Spiritual Direction?

As an interfaith minister and spiritual director, I have a primarily Skype-based spiritual direction practice in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Spiritual direction supports you in cultivating a relationship to Spirit that is as personal and unique as you are. Known by other names such as “spiritual guide” or “spiritual companion,” spiritual direction creates space for a deep listening—with open, interested curiosity—to the inner wellsprings of meaning and calling.

Interfaith spiritual direction can help you:

• Sort out your spiritual identity within a multifaceted interfaith path

• Integrate the dimensions of your being around the epicenter of soul and spirit

• Cultivate spiritual practices that delight and grow you

• Unearth and claim the personal metaphors that inform your journey and growth.

Our society spends so much of its time and attention on things that actually matter very little in the scheme of things. Spiritual direction is about carving out a zone of attention, prioritizing growing your connection to your deepest nature.

The process cultivates life from the inside out, responsive to stirrings of calling both known and not-yet-known. We recognize what is working and build upon it. We look for where the light is coming through, listening for a situation’s emergent possibilities. We marvel at the inscrutable, infinitely interesting workings of Mystery.

Life as Transformational Journey

There is Quaker saying: “act on the light you have, and more light will be given.”

When we live from our essence of being, we are living to the fullest. It absorbs us, it energizes us and brings joy, it brings forth capabilities that we didn’t know we had.  Each of us, living from our own authentic being, shifts the world.


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