What songs connect you, inspire you, help you reach through? Below are some of my favorites, offered as starting points for your sacred song inquiry. Follow the links, then use repeat listenings to learn the songs that resonate.


Click to watch:”Music, Ministry and Spirit”

Sacred Song Delights  Here are songs to ground you, give expression to joy, and realign you with Source.

Favorite Comforting Hymns  In a rough moment along life’s road, a familiar and long-loved hymn may bring peace to a troubled heart as nothing else can.

Earth Songs and Chants  Most of these are simple, repetitive chants. Some are rounds while others have easy-to-hear harmonies. They work very well in group singing when the context is right.

Classical Favorites  My father (Don Reynolds) and I collaborated to create this page of listening links for 20 favorite selections. Classical music is his musical passion; his knowledge of this music amazes me.

Crooner Tunes and Musicals  When memory is on the wane, familiar music from “back in the day” can make a connection as nothing else can. See the video playlist of links to my elder friend’s favorites.

Quotes on the Soul of Music  These selections from wide-ranging times and sources give voice to music’s vision, power and mystery.



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