Earth Songs and Chants

Here are my favorite earth songs and chants with listening links included. Many of these are rounds or are easily harmonized. Sing lots of repetitions, growing gradually softer, until you and the song and nature and the infinite are at-one.

At beachside sacred circle

1.  ANCIENT MOTHER   “Ancient Mother, I hear you calling” (author unknown)

2.  AUTUMN TIME   “Autumn time, red leaves fall … Demeter sadly walks the land, the dying grasses in her hand”  (author unknown)

3.  BLESSED AM I, SPIRIT AM I   “I can find no beginning, I can find no end, all this I am”  (author unknown)  (sometimes sung as “Woman Am I, Spirit Am I”) 

4.  BLOOD OF THE ANCIENTS   “And the forms pass, but the circle of life remains”  (Charlie Murphy)

5.  FLY, FLY, FLY   “The leaves are leaving the branch”  (lyrics: Peter Erdely; music: Lajos Borossi)

6.  FULL MOONLIGHT DANCE   ”Under the full moonlight we dance, spirits dance we dance, joining hands we dance”  (Karen Beth)

7.  HOOF AND HORN   “All that dies shall be reborn” (Ian Corrigan)  (goes with “We All Come from the Goddess”)

8.  MOTHER I FEEL YOU UNDER MY FEET   “Mother I feel your heartbeat … Sister I feel you in the riverbed … Brother I see you on the eagle’s wing”  (Dianne Martin, Windsong)

9. NOW I WALK IN BEAUTY   “Beauty is before me, beauty is behind me, above and below me”  (Native American)

10.  O GREAT SPIRIT   “O Great Spirit, sun sky and sea, you are inside and all around me”   (Aboriginal chant)

11.  O GREAT SPIRIT, I’M CALLING TO YOU   “Give me the strength to be just and fair; give me the strength of the Mother Bear”  (Pagan chant, author unknown)

12.  SPIRIT OF THE WIND   “Spirit of the Sea, set myself free … Spirit of the Rain, wash away the pain … Spirit of the Storm, help me be reborn”  (author unknown)

13.  THE ACORN   “I am unfolding the way I should be, carved in the palm of Her hand”  (Carol Johnson)

14.  THE RIVER IS FLOWING   “Mother Earth carry me, your child I will always be; Mother Earth carry me down to the sea”  (author unknown)

15.  WE ALL COME FROM THE GODDESS   “And to Her we shall return, like a drop of rain flowing to the ocean” (Z Budapest)  (can be sung with “Hoof and Horn”)

16.  WE ARE ALIVE   “If we have courage, we shall be healers; like the sun we shall rise”  (Ros May Dance and Starhawk)

17.  WHERE I SIT IS HOLY   “Forest, mountain river: listen to the sound; Great Spirit circles all around me”  (Native American)


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