The interwoven threads of spirituality and social change have been essential to my life’s journey. Here are some perspectives and teachings that inform my explorations in personal and social transformation.

A Climate Support Page has links to resource groups and articles – psycho-spiritual support for living empowered, connected lives within a world of increasing climate chaos.

A Spirit of Justice is a collection of social justice quotes that especially touch and inspire me. As Anne Frank said, “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

Be the Change is a collection of quotes from which I draw to refuel my “hope tank” and regain perspective for the long haul.

Charles Eisenstein is a forward-thinking speaker and author who has much insight about the world that is coming our way. Here are his further glimpses of a possible world.

Gandhi lived a deep synthesis of spirituality and social change. His ideas fertilized the soil in which my social change work later took root.

Grace Lee Boggs was a social change evolutionary, philosopher and activist for over 70 years of her remarkable 100-year life. View collected quotes here and here. Inspiration from the West Coast celebration of her life is here.

Peace Pilgrim embodied to the fullest a commitment to a peaceful, loving world. Here are glimpses of the wisdom she gleaned during her decades-long walking pilgrimage that traversed over 25,000 miles.


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